404 When Life Knocks You Out Of Balance

When Life Knocks You Out Of Balance

This week I had a day full of technical glitches while trying to do some work on my business. I simply could not figure out why things were not responding the way they were supposed to on my computer, so I had no clue how to fix it. I felt overwhelmed, stressed and very frustrated. I have a huge desire for the technical things in my life to ‘just work!’

I had an evening commitment, so I got in my car feeling worn down by the day. I was grousing along, silently nursing my complaints and rehashing the day, which certainly was not making me feel any better.

balanceiStock_000017411212XSmallThen it occurred to me to simply ask for a remedy. ”What is the medicine my heart needs?” I prayed. Just like a snap of the fingers, the word ‘peace’ dropped in. As I drove down the road, I began chanting the Quality of Peace, which is Salam in Arabic. “Ya Allah Ya Salam.”

In a few minutes, the tension and pain in my shoulders began to soften. I found myself taking a deep breath. Suddenly I began to notice what a beautiful evening it was – the purpling of the sky near sunset, the beauty of the clouds and the blooming cherry trees – and I felt God’s Peace deepening into my heart. It reminded me that Peace is found in Source, not in my computer.

I had a sweet evening, got some sleep and the next day I was able to unravel and fix my technical challenges and move forward with my work. Life happens and sometimes we lose our balance with stress, struggle and frustration. At times like this, the ‘cure’ is as close as simply asking for and receiving what your inner being most needs.


  1. Beautiful words and reminder of the possiblity of peace in any moment. Thanks!

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